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Attorney Rules of Professional Conduct & Other Helpful Information by State

attorney rules of professional conduct


Understanding the attorney Rules of Professional Conduct for your state is an essential first step if you are considering filing a grievance against your attorney. These rules will help you determine if your attorney committed negligence.  

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attorney grievance legal malpractice

Legal Malpractice Attorney vs. Ethics Attorney….What’s The Difference?

legal malpractice attorney

This posting is by no means an attempt to give you legal advice, but rather to share what I learned after investigating the need for either a legal malpractice attorney or an ethics attorney. You have arrived at my blog because you have some understanding of legal malpractice, but let us begin with a definition as defined by Wikipedia.

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attorney fee dispute attorney grievance

10 Tips To Make Your Case Against a Bad Lawyer

bad attorney

The following are proven steps that I have used when dealing with my bad lawyer. I recommend that you prepare if you are seeking a refund or considering a grievance with your State Bar. 

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attorney fee dispute attorney grievance

My Experience with Two Bad Lawyers & How I Held Them Accountable

bad lawyers

In 2009, I remarried and took on more responsibility than I could have ever imagined. I immediately gained a beautiful wife, two children, and a Weimaraner dog named Bailey. They have enriched my life, and I am blessed with what the Lord has provided.

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