About The Author

Kenneth R. Gilley is from the small town of Gillis, Louisiana, but has lived in the Houston, Texas, area since 1989. He now calls The Woodlands, TX, home, where he resides with his wife and two children.

Ken holds a B.S. in Marketing from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA and has over eighteen years of experience in the marketing and technology industry. Ken has a passion for writing, and his personal experiences with legal matters led him to create a legal self-help blog called www.MyLegalLessons.com. Dispute It – A Layman’s Guide on How to Get an Attorney Refund & File a Bar Grievance is Ken’s first eBook, but he expects more to follow since he desires to help others from his life experiences. 

Legal Disclaimer
Kenneth R. Gilley is not a lawyer, and the advice and recommendations made herein are not offered as legal advice or on how to practice law. The legal information that he is providing is pure opinion based on his own experience. Should you require legal advice, then seek a qualified lawyer’s counsel.

 Why Ken Created MyLegalLessons.com

Ken’s legal self-help blog is intended to be a source for legal information to help the average consumer. There is an abundance of blogs on the web consisting of personal finance, health, education, hobbies, and so forth, but very few legal self-help blog’s that are written by one consumer to another consumer. Topics will include legal self-help advice, where to find the right kind of legal representation, how to save money with an attorney, and last, but certainly not least, how to deal with negligent attorneys.

 Why Ken Wrote Dispute ItA Layman’s Guide on How to Get an Attorney Refund & File a Bar Grievance

After years of struggling with malicious litigation from his wife’s former spouse, Ken decided to fight back, and it involved hiring different attorneys. Two of these attorneys made costly errors, and he determined to hold them accountable. This process was not simple, and Ken found that there were limited resources available to help him. The State Bar of Texas website contained some instructions for fee disputes and how to file a grievance, but this was not enough and caused him more harm than good. Moreover, he could not afford to hire an attorney to help. Nevertheless, Ken pressed on and achieved both success and failures along the way. This experience led him to write a legal self-help eBook, and hopefully, it can help others in a similar situation.

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