Bar Grievance and Fee Dispute Information for Alaska State Bar Complaints

The Alaska Bar Association website provides a wealth of good information, but the following are essential sources of information you will need if you are trying to get a refund from your attorney, file a grievance, or both. But do not go it alone, remember to buy Dispute It – A Layman’s Guide on How to Get an Attorney Refund & File a Bar Grievance, to greatly increase your chances for Alaska State Bar complaints.

Rules of Professional Conduct

The Alaska Rules of Professional Conduct will help you to understand where possible attorney grievance violations have occurred with your lawyer.

Rules for Lawyer Disciplinary Enforcement:

The Alaska Rules of Disciplinary Procedure are the guidelines governing the discipline of attorneys and provides the most comprehensive explanation around the rules, process, and sanctions. It also includes Alaska’s fee dispute program.

Disciplinary Process Flowchart:

The Alaska Disciplinary Process Flowchart is perhaps the most helpful document for the layman since it provides a visual representation of each step and the decision gates when filing Alaska State Bar complaints against lawyers.

Local Bar Offices & Websites

I would recommend you reviewing Attorney Fee Disputes for Alaska and then contacting your local bar office to learn more about the fee dispute program offerings for Alaska.

Lawyer Disciplinary Agency:

After a cursory overview of the rules, locate your nearest Lawyer Disciplinary Agency office and speak to a representative about your possible violations and the grievance process. This agency is the division that handles the Alaska State Bar Association complaints against attorneys.

Other Information:

The Alaska Bar Annual Report is another source of helpful information. It provides a much better overview of the attorney discipline process including some eye-opening statistics. A must-read for anyone wishing to understand their odds and when filing Alaska State Bar complaints against attorneys.