Helpful Resources

Select your state below, and you will be directed to a page that presents you with links for your state’s Rules of Professional Conduct, Rules for Lawyer Disciplinary Enforcement, Disciplinary Process Flowchart, Local Bar Offices, and Lawyer Disciplinary Agency Offices. These resources, along with Dispute– A Layman’s Guide on How to Get an Attorney Refund & File a Bar Grievance, will provide you with everything you need to deal with attorney misconduct.

Access to the right information is an essential part of your research when considering your options to report attorney misconduct. Having labored tirelessly through this process myself, I discovered that there was a limited amount of information available online to help. So, to help others, I have compiled a list of the essential resources you will need when considering your options. However, do not go it alone if you decide to file a complaint about attorney misconduct in your state. On the surface, it might appear to be a consumer-friendly effort, but it is not. Your chances of securing a sanction, which could include restitution (e.g., refund of attorney fees), is meager. Therefore, I have written Dispute It – A Layman’s Guide on How to Get an Attorney Refund & File a Bar Grievance, to provide you with options and needed step-by-step instructions.

I think you will find that the information provided on each state represents the most consolidated list of resources found anywhere on the web. As I have mentioned above, the State Bar grievance process for reporting attorney misconduct appears to be very consumer friendly. However, my experience has proven different. Granted some State Bar websites are more informative than others, but the idea of downloading a form, and filling in a few lines, is just not enough. The grievance process for attorney misconduct is far more complicated, and your chances of success are very slim.